Cleveland International Film Festival


I saw things.

Most of them, I may never see or hear of again, but the experience was wonderful. On it’s opening weekend, the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival was dense, so likewise, I shall condense my most memorable films.

BEST: Brother (or Broer in Belgium) by Geoffrey Enthoven was delicious! At its core, the film follows a man trying to swindle a widow out her money that was intended for the man’s brother, her paramour. But there’s another motivation beneath it. Vaguely reminding me of a Martin McDonagh film, the lead man and his comic-relief sidekick (who stole the show) became a riot in this dark comedy. If you see this somewhere, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it.


WEIRD: Trying to explain Bunny the Killer Thing (Finland) by Joonas Makkonen is probably the hardest thing I could do. On one hand, it met my expectation for a cheap-horror comedy, but on the other, it made me spin my head around the theater to confirm that I was seeing the same thing as everyone else. Simply, the film is about a giant rabbit turned man who’s pervy desires lead to rape and murder. And yet, that leads to scenes of poorly (yet intentionally) photoshopped night skies and one scene where a man get’s his eye gouged out and then strangles his attacker with the eye chord. Not meant for those with weak stomachs.

At any rate, the festival was great and I hope to see my films there soon. But hopefully not attached to Bunny the Killer Thing.




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